Abous Us

Mahnor.com is a powerful, fast and reliebel youtube web proxy for all isers on the internet, espachely Pakistan users. With mahnor you can unblock youtube and watch all your favorit youtube videos, unblock youtube vevo music videos and view all your favorit shows whit our free an fast youtube web proxy. We even added a HQ buton in our player wich actualy works in HD but don't tell anyone ;). P.S. it's perfect to access Vevo videos on youtube from stars like Eminem, Rihana, Idila and so on.


We use encrypted Links

For your online security mahnor have encrypted your links and they will not work for anybody else except you so you can unblock youtube without any fear of being discovered. This means that no one can actually what you are doing trow mahnor.com Web Proxy. If your employer will try to se what you are doing online, he will get the link but he will be sent to your front page and this way your can continue to unblock youtube.


Compatible with Mobile Devices

Unblock youtube on your Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry mobile phone devices with our mobile youtube proxy. Mahnor.com is compatible with all major phone an tablets brands. Unblock youtube on your mobile device at your workplace, school or geografic regiune.


We care about your Security

Evan more, Mahnor works whit all major website on the internet, access content and noone will ever know you ar there. Mahnor blocks ads and dezactivate tracking scrips.

You can say we make the internet a little more faster for you. Whay's theat? The answer is simple: No more less necessary ads and tracker and other things theat every one needs to get info about you (like places you like to go with your friends and places you eat with your family etc.) for theat we take the decision to block all theat information from going to the kings of advertising. Now you cand just seat beak and enjoi the free internet.